The Community Centre continues to provide its Emergency Relief service, with a focus on supporting locals who are not able to receive federal government benefits yet.


Existing funding from the WA Department of Social Services has been supplemented with funds from the AMRSC’s community care package (COVID-19 Response) to provide food and pharmacy relief while people take the necessary steps to be able to sustain themselves over the coming months.


People who have never been registered with Centrelink, will not have a Customer Reference Number and are advised to go online and register an intention to apply, as the first step.


This will help alleviate time lags and assist in planning services. The government will also be implementing newly announced wage support measures.


“As per government directions, renters are advised to make contact with their landlord to address rent payment arrangements; property owners are advised to contact their lenders and their tenants, as relevant,” explained Community Centre Manager, Lydell Huntly.

“And it is imperative to consider your credit situation; contact your banking institution to discuss options and use your credit card with care during these times.”


In order to minimise the spread of COVID-19 and risk to staff, tenants and visitors, the Community Centre is closed to visitors.


Please call the Centre if you are in need of assistance and the staff will talk you through the emergency relief options to match your circumstances.

Two phone numbers are available: 9757 3200 and 0490 040 778, between the hours of 9am and 1pm on Monday to Friday. Your privacy will always be respected.


Takeaway Soupie is underway at the Community Centre, with people able to maintain physical distancing without going hungry.


Soupie Coordinator, Dave Seegar, said his volunteers are starting to stock the freezers so that meals will still be available to people in dire circumstances while the COVID-19 restrictions are in place.


“A hearty meal is fundamental to keeping healthy and is so important for those among us without the means or facilities to cook for themselves.

“I offer a special thank you to those locals who have donated rice and red lentils to the Soupie pantry. It means we can keep cooking – we will always be here to help.”


Just Home is delivering additional supports to address acute housing needs.

Content from story in August Margaret River Mail, 1/4/20